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How to order

We hope that you love our products and have enjoyed browsing the web pages about them.

If you are passionate about one (or more of them) and would like to place an order, please follow the steps below.

  1. Record the name of the product on a piece of paper or save it on your mobile phone.
  2. Decide which patchwork design you would like. (We have 6 patchwork designs. Alternatively, you can create your own.)
  3. Contact us to place an order. *
  4. Pay the minimum 50% deposit required (as listed on the itemised invoice for your order).
  5. Confirm the delivery time (when we call to discuss this).
  6. Pay the remainder owing. (The deadline for payment is 5 working days before scheduled delivery date.)
  7. Accept the delivery.

* You can call us to place an order over the phone. We recommend this if you select a product to be hand-upholstered in one of our 6 patchwork designs. If you do this, we will email or fax your itemised invoice to you, and take payment for the minimum 50% deposit over the phone using a credit or debit card.