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Patchwork chaise longue

Here is the Luscious patchwork chaise with its beautifully detailed carved frame. The photograph shows how dazzling it looks with its classic gloss black finish, upholstered in our stunning Metallica patchwork design.

The seat shape is voluptuous and yet exceptionally comfortable. The glitzy fabric gives this traditional style a modern twist. It is very striking with one fabric on the seat area.

The Luscious chaise can be made to order for you as a patchwork chaise which has the diamond-shaped multi fabric patchwork and deep buttons that is the distinctive Ginny Avison signature.

This luxurious patchwork chaise is professionally upholstered by upholstery artists. We would love you to order this piece of upholstery art.

Quality of construction of this patchwork furniture centres on a carved and crafted hardwood frame. The suspension system for the seating area is assembled by hand using reliable steel springs. The seat area has a firm yet supportive feel that we hope you will thoroughly enjoy. Underneath the backrest of either a single or patchwork design fabric there are layers of materials including cotton felt that provide your back with superb comfort and support.

We can paint the carved frame for you in almost any pantone colour to achieve a unique one-off piece. Black is the favourite paint colour for this patchwork chaise frame. Would you prefer sophisticated black buttons?

Why not choose one of our patchwork designs or create and design your own striking colour theme from the fabrics in our Patchwork fabric bar. Alternatively we would thoroughly enjoy making this chaise for you in either leather or just one designer fabric.

Interior designers in London and the world’s most discerning homeowners in both the UK and USA tell us that this patchwork chaise is luxury that dares to be different.

Order the Luscious patchwork chaise today and you could soon be enjoying possibly the most exciting luxury furniture in the world.

Patchwork chaise – Luscious
  width depth height
size 206cm 85cm 88cm